Frequently Asked Questions On Singapore Driving Instructors

There are a lot of questions that are being asked on Singapore driving instructors. Many of them are constantly repeated by learner drivers. In order to provide future learner drivers a better understanding on the Singapore driving instructors, I have decided to come up with this post to deal with the frequently asked questions. They are as follows:

Question 1: Are there different types of driving instructors in Singapore?

Answer: Yes, there are. In fact, there are two types of driving instructors in Singapore – local private driving instructor in Singapore and the driving instructors from the Singapore driving centers. The former will be private coaching while the latter is the standard school coaching.

Question 2: Will I be assigned to one or many driving instructors?

Answer: If you choose to learn from private driving instructors in Singapore, you will be assigned to just one driving instructor to coach you for all lessons. On the other hand, if you choose to learn from driving instructors in driving centers, you will be assigned to different driving instructors for each lesson. No particular driving instructor in driving center will be assigned to you for all lessons.

Question 3: How do I book my lessons with the driving instructors?

Answer: For private learner drivers, you can arrange your next driving lessons with the instructor face-to-face after each lesson. Alternatively, you can call the driving instructor anytime during working hours to arrange your future driving lessons with him. For school learner drivers, you can log into the driving centers’ websites and book your next driving lesson through their scheduling system.

Question 4: How old are the driving instructors?

Answer: Private driving instructors are generally at least 50 years old while school driving instructors can be as young as in their 20s. This is because the license for private driving instructors had stopped issue since decades ago. The private driving instructors who stayed in the industry were all aged and experienced instructors.

Question 5: How long are each driving lessons?

Answer: For private learner drivers, the duration of each driving lesson is flexible (i.e. it is entirely up to you, as long as the duration is minimally 1 hour). As for the school learner drivers, the duration of each driving lesson is fixed at 100 minutes by the driving centers.

Simple Steps Towards Hiring Your Driving Instructor in Singapore

Confused and not sure how to find your private driving instructor in Singapore?

Lucky for you, let me provide you with a step-by-step guide towards hiring your private driving instructor in Singapore.

Step one: Ask around your close social circle for referrals and recommendations. Your close social circle (including your family members and close friends) should be the first place to go when you want to ask for any advice. They should be able to provide you with valuable inputs to aid you in your decision-making. Be sure that you are asking your close and trusted friends. Normal friends may not provide you with true and accurate information that you need. Ask your close social circle whether they know of good private driving instructors from personal experience or from their close circle. If they do, ask for the private driving instructor’s name. If you find out the name of the private driving instructor, skip to step three.

Step two: If your close circle cannot provide you with recommendation of a good private driving instructor, you will have to find out for yourself. Researching online is the most efficient method. Do not try offline methods such as physically locating the private driving instructors yourself. It will be less efficient than online research. Go online to find out recommendations on private driving instructors in Singapore. Forums are often good places to do so. In addition, you can get recommendations from specialized match up agencies like Sglearntodrive – They have been recommending good private driving instructors to learner drivers for years.

Step three: Contact the private driving instructor to judge him yourself. Find out if he makes a good impression on you. You will be learning from this private driving instructor for months. It will be wise to make sure there is rapport and chemistry between both of you. If you like him and find him trustworthy, please go ahead and engage him as your private driving instructor. If not, please proceed to step four.

Step four: If you do not find the private driving instructor reliable, go back to step one.

I hope this step-by-step guide will help you in your quest of finding the best private driving instructor!

The ability to drive in Singapore

Have not gotten your Singapore driving license and desperately wants to drive in Singapore? A lot of Singaporeans feel the same way as you do. Most people jumped at the soonest chance to get the driving license at the age of 18 which is the legal age to obtain a driving license in Singapore.

The below video shows what it is like to drive around in Singapore.

If you are eager to get your driving license in Singapore, please enroll yourself into the driving course as soon as possible. You will need to complete two theory tests and a practical test in order to obtain your driving license. Completing the theory tests are straight forward. You will have to book and take the test in one of the driving centers in Singapore. However, for the practical lessons and test, you can choose to engage private driving instructors or driving centers. If you want to engage private driving instructors in Singapore, you can visit This is the Facebook page of Sglearntodrive, which is a match up agency in Singapore, specializing in matching up private driving instructors and learner drivers.

Are All Singapore Private Driving Instructors The Same?

Most Singapore private driving instructors have a good name. The reason why I said “most” is because not all private driving instructors are the same. Like any other industry or job vocation, people’s ability, skills, and character varies. It is not surprising to see some poor instructors in Singapore. Hence, if you want to get the best driving instructors in Singapore, you should really do your research properly.

Go online and research on as many different private driving instructors as you can. Take the reviews with a pinch of salt. Contact the private driving instructors yourself to find out for yourself if he will suit you. You will be able to make a decision depending on the impression he made on you. If you have family members or friends who have hired the private driving instructor in the past, find out the reviews from them. It is more likely that these reviews are true and accurate. Do everything you can to make sure that you end up with a good Singapore private driving instructor. A good private driving instructor will help you tremendously in your quest to obtain your driving license in Singapore. Not only will he be able to impart you vast amount of knowledge in driving techniques and skills, he will be able to point out the common mistakes other learner drivers made during the driving practical test. This will greatly increase your chance of passing the driving practical test.

In addition to the points mentioned above, good private driving instructors will point out flaws relating to the learner drivers’ driving techniques as soon as they spot them. They will also tend to be patient with the learner drivers. On the other hand, you really do not want to end up hiring a poor driving instructor as the effect is complete opposite from hiring a good private driving instructor.

Why Some Singaporeans Prefer Private Driving Instructors Over Driving Centers

Like the driving centers, private driving instructors in Singapore have lasted through a long time. They have enjoyed consistent good business from Singaporeans who simply prefer them to driving centers. It is not difficult to see why.

With a quick search online, you can easily find out the reasons from forums, articles, and even the private driving instructors’ match up agencies such as For your convenience, I have compiled the common reasons below.

1. Dedicated coach and car
When people engage private driving instructors, they can expect the same private driving instructor and car dedicated to them for all lessons. That’s not all. The same car will also be used for their Traffic Police practical test. There are huge advantages to doing so. Firstly, the learner driver’s progress will be monitored by the dedicated driving instructor well. Any flaws relating to driving techniques can be brought to the learner driver’s attention and hence, be rectified quickly. Secondly, the learner driver will be more familiar with the handling of the car over time. Different cars give a different handling feel to the drivers. For instance, the clutch point of a manual car may be slightly different from another manual car. This comfort and familiarity provided to the learner driver by driving the same car during the Traffic Police practical test will increased the chances of passing the practical test. If people go to driving centers for driving lessons, they will not be able to get dedicated coach and car for all their lessons.

2. Cheaper fees
Private driving instructors charge cheaper fees than driving centers when it comes to driving lessons and practical test. As a result, learner drivers who engaged private driving instructors will get charged a lower overall course fee than if they engaged driving instructors from the driving centers. You can check out the reference here to understand the course fee charged by SSDC. SSDC stands for Singapore Safety Driving Center and they are one of the driving centers in Singapore. If you want to know about the fees charged by the private driving instructors, you can ask them or the match up agencies directly. Rest assured, the fees are always lower than that charged by driving centers.

3. No minimum number of lessons
Private driving instructors do not force the learner drivers to take a minimum number of lessons before they are allowed to take the practical test. This is more fair to smarter or experienced learner drivers. On the other hand, driving centers will need their learner drivers to complete minimum number of lessons before allowing them to take the practical test.

Go online to find your private driving instructors in Singapore

It’s the internet era. Almost everyone knows how to make use of technology and utilize the electronic gadgets well, right? There are a lot of electronic device that we can use to access the internet. For example, smart phones, laptops, computers are all electronic device that can connect us to the internet. Internet allows people to share information with each other in a very efficient manner. Information can be shared instantaneously among people who are connected to the internet. For this simple reason, people are glued to the internet everyone, yearning for more information.

We can access the internet to find private driving instructors in Singapore. There are both individual private driving instructors and match up agencies that are advertising online to the mass market on the private driving coaching services. An example of such match up agencies are Sglearntodrive. You can contact them here.

There are many benefits to using the internet to find the private driving instructors. Firstly, this method is much faster and more efficient than physically walking around to find them. These private driving instructors and match up agencies leave their contact numbers online for learner drivers to contact them easily. Within minutes, one can be able to find out the contact numbers of the private driving instructors and call them up to establish contact. If you were to physically go down to the common locations that private driving instructors hand out to try to find them, it may take hours for the same results. Moreover, through the online research, you can find out about the reviews of the private driving instructors – something that you will find it very difficult to get in real life. Unless you research online or have friends or family who learned from the private driving instructors, chances are that you will not know if they are reliable till you go for their lessons.

It will not only save you time, but internet will also be able to give you more information about the private driving instructors, comparing to the conventional way of finding out information offline.

Best places to take driving lessons in Singapore

There are so many places that one can practice driving in Singapore. Many learner drivers will be interested to find out where are the best places to take driving lessons in Singapore. What are some of the factors that make these places ideal to practice driving?

Well, a good area to practice driving must have these characteristics:
1. Have roads which have very low traffic. These roads will be ideal for beginners as they tend to drive very slowly and will be uncomfortable with fast traffic around them. Hence, driving in these roads with low traffic will be best for both the beginner learner drivers and the public road users.

2. Have roads with moderate and high traffic too. As the learner drivers progress, they must be trained to be comfortable with normal traffic conditions. The traffic police driving test will take place on roads with normal traffic conditions. The driver must look confident when driving in such traffic conditions.

3. Have roads with bends. As learner drivers will also be tested on navigating a road bend, they will have to practice that during their driving lessons.

4. Have parking lots. Learner drivers will be tested on parking during the circuit stage of the driving test. They will need to practice as much parking as possible. It is more economical for the learner drivers to practice the parking on public parking lots instead of the driving centers’ circuits to save on the circuit fee. Moreover, the waiting time to the parking practice in the circuit can be quite long, sometimes stretching to 15 minutes for just one shot of the parking practice.

Usually, these ideal training places are already known by the private driving instructors due to their long experience. They also tend to be near the driving centers and the actual traffic police routes. For instance, private driving instructors in the east love to bring learner drivers to Ubi for driving lessons. Ubi driving lessons are popular as it fulfill the 4 characteristics mentioned above. Furthermore, some of the routes the driving instructors bring the learner drivers to train at are the traffic police test routes. This will enable the learner drivers to be familiar with the traffic police test routes and have higher chance to ace the driving test.