Best places to take driving lessons in Singapore

There are so many places that one can practice driving in Singapore. Many learner drivers will be interested to find out where are the best places to take driving lessons in Singapore. What are some of the factors that make these places ideal to practice driving?

Well, a good area to practice driving must have these characteristics:
1. Have roads which have very low traffic. These roads will be ideal for beginners as they tend to drive very slowly and will be uncomfortable with fast traffic around them. Hence, driving in these roads with low traffic will be best for both the beginner learner drivers and the public road users.

2. Have roads with moderate and high traffic too. As the learner drivers progress, they must be trained to be comfortable with normal traffic conditions. The traffic police driving test will take place on roads with normal traffic conditions. The driver must look confident when driving in such traffic conditions.

3. Have roads with bends. As learner drivers will also be tested on navigating a road bend, they will have to practice that during their driving lessons.

4. Have parking lots. Learner drivers will be tested on parking during the circuit stage of the driving test. They will need to practice as much parking as possible. It is more economical for the learner drivers to practice the parking on public parking lots instead of the driving centers’ circuits to save on the circuit fee. Moreover, the waiting time to the parking practice in the circuit can be quite long, sometimes stretching to 15 minutes for just one shot of the parking practice.

Usually, these ideal training places are already known by the private driving instructors due to their long experience. They also tend to be near the driving centers and the actual traffic police routes. For instance, private driving instructors in the east love to bring learner drivers to Ubi for driving lessons. Ubi driving lessons are popular as it fulfill the 4 characteristics mentioned above. Furthermore, some of the routes the driving instructors bring the learner drivers to train at are the traffic police test routes. This will enable the learner drivers to be familiar with the traffic police test routes and have higher chance to ace the driving test.

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