The ability to drive in Singapore

Have not gotten your Singapore driving license and desperately wants to drive in Singapore? A lot of Singaporeans feel the same way as you do. Most people jumped at the soonest chance to get the driving license at the age of 18 which is the legal age to obtain a driving license in Singapore.

The below video shows what it is like to drive around in Singapore.

If you are eager to get your driving license in Singapore, please enroll yourself into the driving course as soon as possible. You will need to complete two theory tests and a practical test in order to obtain your driving license. Completing the theory tests are straight forward. You will have to book and take the test in one of the driving centers in Singapore. However, for the practical lessons and test, you can choose to engage private driving instructors or driving centers. If you want to engage private driving instructors in Singapore, you can visit This is the Facebook page of Sglearntodrive, which is a match up agency in Singapore, specializing in matching up private driving instructors and learner drivers.

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