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The Decision Factor offers insightful comments and observations on analytics—from views on new technology approaches and market dynamics to the latest industry trends driving demand for faster, smarter information analysis. This blog contains personal views, thoughts, and opinions from SAP employees, mentors, and friends working in the area of analytics. It’s not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute an official communication of SAP.


Top 10 Signs Your Users Are Mobile Ready

Top Ten Signs Your Users Are Mobile Ready

Whether you’re planning a project for a mobile business app or developing a mobile business intelligence (BI) strategy, it’s critical to gauge your users’ overall mobile readiness. Even though sales of mobile devices continue to increase, some mobile users show chronic use of PC-era habits.

Yes, the mobile savvy Millennial Generation is taking the workforce by storm, but they don’t necessarily represent the largest portion of business users. Mobile-ready users, on the other hand, will display at least some of the following characteristics.

10 Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Technology Infrastructure

Ten Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Technology Infrastructure

When an organization is considering implementing a mobile BI strategy, it needs to ask/consider if its current information technology (IT) and business intelligence (BI) infrastructure can support mobile BI. It must determine if there are any gaps that need to be addressed prior to going live.

When we think of an end-to-end mobile BI solution, there are several areas that can impact the user experience. I refer to them as choke points. Some of the risks associated …

10 Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Security

Ten Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Security

Do you have all three layers of mobile BI security covered: device, app, and data? All of the convenience and benefits of mobile devices provide a particular security risk, complicating matters for the technology managers. When we think about the three layers of security in mobile BI, each layer plays an equally important role. Moreover, each layer represents a specific component of a user’s access profile. Therefore, it’s vital not only to understand how each layer completes the security picture, but also to make sure they work in tandem.

1) Mobile Device Security

This outer layer deals with protecting the …

“Mobile BI” Doesn’t Mean “Mobile-Enabled Reports”

Mobile BI Doesn't Mean Mobile-Enabled Reports

In my post “What Is Mobile BI?”, I discussed the definition of mobile business intelligence (BI) as well as its importance and relevance in today’s business climate. However, if mobile BI is going to enable organizations to drive growth and profitability, it requires, as with any other technology initiative, an integrated strategy. Moreover, organizations must deliver the power of mobile BI through innovation and without disruption.

Just as we know that mobile isn’t just about one or two sexy apps, the step to gain …

Can Small and Midsize Companies Afford Mobile Analytics?

Can Small and Midsize Companies Afford Mobile Analytics?

It’s hard to avoid the topic of mobility these days, with the plethora of new devices available from Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and Microsoft, etc. What’s more, as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) gains traction, small and midsize companies (SMEs) are also looking at the business value of supporting mobile applications, including mobile analytics.

How should your SME evaluate mobile analytics to decide if you can afford to go down that route? Or afford not to? Here are some simple points to consider:

Do you currently have an information culture (even if it’s on …