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The Decision Factor offers insightful comments and observations on analytics—from views on new technology approaches and market dynamics to the latest industry trends driving demand for faster, smarter information analysis. This blog contains personal views, thoughts, and opinions from SAP employees, mentors, and friends working in the area of analytics. It’s not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute an official communication of SAP.


Financial Reform: Protect Yourself with an Agile Information Architecture

Financial Reform: Protect Yourself with an Agile Information Architecture

Remember the financial meltdown? Experts still can’t decide if we’re on the road to recovery…how long that road may be…or even if there is a road. As a nation, though, we did agree to more oversight over corporate financials. Enter the Dodd-Frank legislation, passed in July 2010.

A recent USA Today article shows that after three years, there’s still much work to be done to not only establish the regulations related to the legislation, but actually implement compliance to the regulation. As of September 3, 2013, only 40% of the required 398 …

Get Your Hands Dirty, Data Scientists!

Get Your Hands Dirty, Data Scientists!

Have you read Gartner’s research note on Defining and Differentiating the Role of the Data Scientist? You can hardly read anything about enterprise information management (EIM) without bumping into the term “data scientist”. And @DataLovers tweeted just last week that data scientists are the new rock stars.


Here’s my issue. Before you can be a data scientist—conducting experiments with data and unearthing new correlations between weather, what I had for lunch, and what …

Governance for Your Cloud Applications

In the Cloud

There are all types of applications available in the cloud today, including ones focused on customers, sourcing and suppliers, HR, business networks, analytics, and full business processing with ERP. So, where do governance and information programs fit within these cloud applications?

Ina Felsheim does a great job of talking about governance, including what it does for you and what happens if you don’t have governance. And if you follow her on Decision Factor …

Need Help Selling Your Information Governance Initiative?

SAP_Infographic_Information Governance_3

If you’re one of the many who isn’t yet tracking metrics and constantly reporting business value achieved through your efforts, you can use the Gartner whitepaper statistic below to help you quantify results.

How many business initiatives did you undertake last year? How many delivered on time, on target, and have increasing adoption? How many do you plan to undertake next year?

Ask your CIO or program management office for these numbers—then have a discussion. If you’re normal, 40 percent of those projects will fail. Investing in the quality of the information feeding those initiatives is an imperative.

The Need for Information Management

All organizations today create and use information—but are they organizations using it just to support a narrow aspect of their business operations or are they using information strategically? Grow the business? Gain market share? Improve organizational efficiencies? Better serve customers or constituents?

Optimizing how you use information and extending it to new areas increases its value. Mundane data or documents become weapons in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage when used in decision making and supporting critical processes. Information can even become a strategic weapon if an organization manages enterprise assets like capital. Treating information …

Do You Store Data Beyond Its Decision Shelf Life?


Everything in life has some kind use by date, and data is no exception! In the business analytics world, all data has a context and timeliness for use in specific decision making.

With increased data velocity (Big Data) brought about by social and technology changes, it’s critical to identify and understand the decision shelf life of data generated by enterprises today. Using data beyond its useful decision shelf life will …

Is Text Data Processing a Part of Your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Framework? — Part II


In my previous EIM framework post, I covered how:

Text data processing must be part of every EIM framework within an IT organization The rise in prominence of text analytics can be attributed to Web/social data and well-defined use cases on employing text data processing to unravel golden information nuggets within that data Organizations need to think beyond established patterns for using text analytics in broader implications

In this post, I’ll examine use cases that yielded significant returns to the …

Is Text Data Processing a Part of Your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Framework?

dreamstime_17869825 (social media)

On the heels of the Text Analytics Summit, Seth Grimes noted in his article that text-analytics demand is approaching $1 billion. To reach $1 billion in demand is a significant milestone for any category in enterprise software. This type of market size helps validate the impact a given category makes on the success of the enterprise.

Past Use of Text Analytics

Traditionally, the federal government …