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The Decision Factor offers insightful comments and observations on analytics—from views on new technology approaches and market dynamics to the latest industry trends driving demand for faster, smarter information analysis. This blog contains personal views, thoughts, and opinions from SAP employees, mentors, and friends working in the area of analytics. It’s not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute an official communication of SAP.


Performance for the Public


I often have the pleasure to work with customers to understand the business impact of the software they’ve implemented, so that they can construct well-balanced case stories that their industry peers will relate to and understand.

Because of this experience, my colleagues often badger me for examples of customers successfully using certain software or seeking something particular. Both customers and individuals want the surety that comes from a reference story, so that if we’re spending money, ours or the company’s, we can be assured that what we plan to do has been done successfully before.

Past Success Is Nice but …

58,600 Indiana Residents Lose Confidence in State IT Practices

Do you know anyone who loves their state government? Combine that with the general distrust of data accuracy, and you have an unholy marriage in Indiana.

According to a USA Today article, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) sent out a notice for drivers to renew their drivers’ licenses. The notices were supposed to be a proactive measure, as the state is expecting a glut of renewals in 2012 (2.4 million people). The state spent $247,450 to …

Competitive Analytics for Governments — PART I

Financial crisis

What is performance for governments? Anyone well acquainted with the public sector would say since we aren’t dealing with revenue or profit, defining performance maybe difficult.

A few years ago some academics advanced the undefined notion of “Public ROI.” More realistically, however, we used to define performance (broadly, but recognizing country-specific characteristics) as the achievement of set policy outcomes. As recently as three years ago, you could still hear experts publicly stating that governments couldn’t go bankrupt since they have the Regalian power to dismiss debt and obligations. Such statements were, of course, shocking …