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The Decision Factor offers insightful comments and observations on analytics—from views on new technology approaches and market dynamics to the latest industry trends driving demand for faster, smarter information analysis. This blog contains personal views, thoughts, and opinions from SAP employees, mentors, and friends working in the area of analytics. It’s not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute an official communication of SAP.


As the Mobility Wave Spreads, Can Technology Make It Easier to Include Operations in Risk and Compliance Programs?


A good number of years ago, when companies were trying their best to cope with the impositions of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), I frequently heard the complaint that the bulk of compliance and risk management workload lay on the shoulders of a few central people, such as compliance officers, internal audit staff, risk managers, and internal control managers.

As companies drowned under spread sheets and looked to specialized software for help, central teams were hopeful that this would push more of the risk and compliance effort down to field operations. In a nutshell, they wanted to decentralize governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Now It’s Internal Audits Turn to Add Value


This article originally appeared on CFO Knowledge and has been republished with permission.

Many years ago I once shared an office with group of high-testosterone young management accountants and a solitary middle-aged female internal auditor. She must have dreaded coming to work, not knowing what tales she would over hear from her cubicle in the corner. She was a pleasant enough person, but my suspicion is she was passed over for promotion a few times and put out to grass in internal audit. In my experience, it’s a role that people fall …

Harnessing the Power of Business Analytics in Risk and Compliance Activities


Protiviti recently published its 2011 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey, a study that reports on where U.S.-listed organizations stand with respect to their SOX initiatives, specifically looking at the cost, time, effort, and processes that companies have in place to stay compliant. There’s been a high demand from customers that I’m working with for integrated analytical capabilities in their risk and compliance solutions. So, I was interested to learn that a key finding from the study indicated that respondents found an “Increased demand for analytical information, and …